Sila Armchair

The Sila armchair represents the quintessential flagship of Nikfurn’s creations. The unique sizing and dimensions do have a short backstory that led to the creation of the chair.

Made specifically wider than other conventional armchairs, anyone who sits on the Sila is able to sit cross-legged (“duduk bersila” in Malay), and still have ample space to place their belongings. Hence the name Sila was given by the designer.

En. Nik endeavored to create the most comfortable and spacious chair possible. One that blends thoughtful modern design with traditional Malay elements. Moreover, with the wide seating space, the Sila makes a very comfortable seating experience for everyone.

Made with walnut wood, it is hard, resilient, and capable of resisting shrinkage and warping. In other words, it’ll last you a lifetime.

The Sila also keeps the traditional Malay design with the added Rattan mesh on the back. Giving the nod of inspiration towards the culture, with a modern twist.


Custom crafted with perfection.